Your family is a beautiful Masterpiece

Multi Award-Winning Fine Art Portraiture

Sean LeBlanc Fine Art Family Portraiture

Luxury fine art portraiture by Sean LeBlanc.


Focusing on the true beauty of our clients, we create artwork that will endure for generations.

The Masterpiece

Painted finish

In our Masterpiece finish, your portrait is rendered entirely as a painting. Our award-winning artist commences digitally in a program developed specifically for traditional painters. Our artist picks their brush, and even the exact number of bristles then mixes their paint colours. They then choose the angle, the pressure, and everything just as one would with traditional old world painting. Once the painting is complete, your art piece is handcrafted in Italy with only the finest materials. The result is a spectacular portrait that is not photograph based. Our Masterpiece Portraits are rated for 300+ years before any fading occurs because of the unique materials we use. If Claude Monet were alive today, this is the process he would use.

“It was a joy to work with Sean. Everything was very professional and amazing results.”


John ‘t Hart, Executive Vice President, Talisman Energy

fine art portraiture artwork by award winning photographer Sean LeBlanc

Your Portrait Experience

Your fine art portrait experience comprises of your portrait session at our avant-garde studio and the cinematic premiere and artwork ordering appointment. After your ordering appointment, we will lovingly create stunning wall art and timeless handcrafted heirlooms to share your memories with your loved ones.

Part 1

Studio portrait session

Your fine art portrait experience starts with your portrait session at our avant-garde studio in the community of Springbank (on the West side of Calgary). Portrait sessions are typically 30-45 minutes in length.

Part 2

Premiere and artwork ordering appointment

Then one week later, you are invited back to our studio for a cinematic premiere of all your best portraits and artwork ordering appointment. Together, we will create artwork that you will love to display in your home, cottage, or wherever you spend time with your loved ones. All of your custom heirlooms are handcrafted in Italy with the utmost care and attention to detail.

fine art portraiture by award winning photographer Sean LeBlanc
fine art portraiture by award winning photographer Sean LeBlanc
fine art portraiture by award winning photographer Sean LeBlanc
fine art portraiture by award winning photographer Sean LeBlanc
fine art portraiture by award winning photographer Sean LeBlanc
fine art portraiture by award winning photographer Sean LeBlanc
fine art portraiture by award winning photographer Sean LeBlanc

“The portraits Sean produced were simply gorgeous. My husband and I are absolutely delighted to have such beautiful and expertly crafted heirlooms of our precious munchkins!”


The King Family, Corporate Lawyer and Fighter Jet Pilot

Portrait Attire

As a distinguished studio, our background and lighting are tailored to render your portrait as a timeless work of art. This will be the most elegant and meaningful portrait you may likely have in a lifetime. Styles change, and clothing can draw attention away from your face, which is the essential aspect of your portrait. We suggest wearing formal or business casual attire in solid dark or jewel-toned colours to ensure your portrait stands the test of time. Detailed recommendations for clothing are sent by email after scheduling your portrait session. We are also available by phone for guidance regarding attire.

Endorsement by Artist Paul Van Ginkel

World Renowned Western Artist

“At my 2017 Spruce Meadows Masters exhibition one of the exhibitors was photographer Sean LeBlanc. Even at set up he had an infectious positive energy, enthusiasm and friendliness. He also had quality work to support his confidence and strong personality. I was very impressed with him, his work and we established a solid friendship. Sean is 20 years my junior, he hasn’t always been a professional photographer and I told him I see a lot of myself in his artistic passion, drive and ambition (when I proposed a “Business of Art” lecture he was the first to sign up). Despite working in different mediums, he’s wise to continue to ask many questions about marketing, business and my experiences (I’ve always told our daughter “the smart ones” are the ones who always ask questions and cultivate many contacts and relationships). Since we’re friends, I’ve been aware of Sean’s Springbank home showroom and studio, however, I recently paid him a visit (then he proceeded to treat me then beat me on the Kananaskis golf course!). His highly professional, well thought out and elegant setup exceeded my high expectations. His branding and corporate identity are excellent. Sean is the whole package: most importantly – quality work, then professionalism, enthusiasm and a very welcoming and easy personality. Like many career disciplines, being successful in fine and commercial art is extremely difficult and rare so it’s extra important to acknowledge and support those who have “the fire in their belly”, work tirelessly and never give up on the dream of success and reaching their potential. Sean is one of those rare artists and I highly encourage you to consider him for personal or corporate photography work.”

Fine art family portraiture by Sean LeBlanc
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