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Timeless portrait photography

family of four in the park all smiling at reaching with yellow trees in the background
boy and girl touching foreheads smiling at each other and the girls hand against the boy's cheek by top calgary engagement photographer sean leblanc
family laughing together in a park taken by family photographer sean leblanc
a grandma mother and daughter all laughing together by top family portrait photographer sean leblanc
three young kids sitting on the grass laughing together by top family portrait photographer sean leblanc
a mom holding her young smiling boy on grey rocks by Red Deer Family Photographer Sean LeBlanc

Your Photographic Experience

Your photographic experience comprises of discovering what is important to you, the photographic session, and the cinematic premiere. After your premiere, we will lovingly create stunning wall art and timeless handcrafted heirlooms to share your memories with your loved ones. Whether you are celebrating an engagement with the love of your life or joyfully anticipating the growth of your family, we would love to be your family photographer.

Part 1


The first step of your photographic experience is to discover who you would love to bring with you to a photographic session, what is important to you and what you would love to celebrate. You and your loved ones are unique and through this stage we will once-over those tender qualities that will ultimately craft the vision for your photographic session.

Part 2

Photographic Session

After uncovering what is important to you, we will celebrate our discoveries at a creative photographic session. We will find a location that has special importance to you, the park where your son took his first steps, the coffee shop where you first met your loved one, or the backyard where you’ve spent countless hours as a family, and we will make some new memories. Sessions are typically 1.5 – 2 hours in length.

Part 3

Cinematic Premiere & Design

Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a cinematic premiere of your beautiful photographs. Premieres happen a few days after the session. Together, we will design a collection that you will absolutely love to display in your home, cottage, or wherever you spend time with your loved ones. All of your custom heirlooms are handcrafted with the outmost care and attention to detail.

a grandma pointing to her wedding album with her grandson by top wedding photographer sean leblanc

The ``Lifetime`` Part

Printed photographs will keep your celebration story alive

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