Rose’s Wedding Album Story

Rose’s heirloom wedding album story.

After spending ten days in beautiful Costa Rica to photograph our last wedding of 2016 and to enjoy a much needed vacation, Kerrie and I traveled to snowy Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to spend Christmas with Kerrie’s parents Rose and Andy McCormick. After dinner and a few glasses of wine one night, we began to talk about wedding photography and the importance of heirloom albums. Rose ducked out of the kitchen and came back with a beautiful album her wedding photographer, Lola Biagini of Biagini Studios, had given Rose and Andy over 44 years ago just after their wedding day. The pages were worn from flipping through it every year but the photographs were still as fresh as the day there were developed. The album was a center piece for the McCormick’s home for friends and family to enjoy.

The next day I found Rose gingerly going through each page of her wedding album with my 4-year-old son Rylan. “This is the historic church your grandpa and I were married in”, “this is a photograph of my father walking me down the isle”, “look at the expression on our faces as we left the church as a newly wed couple”. She was reliving her wedding day. This was a special time she was able to spend with her grandson. Rose’s heirloom wedding album has been in her home for over 44 years and has stood the test of time.

As wedding photographers, we are not just taking portraits, we are telling a story.  The heirloom wedding album keep wedding stories alive and provide an experience that your children and grandchildren will have with your memories of one the most important days of your life.

Sean LeBlanc Photography offers one of the finest wedding albums in world, hand crafted in New York, USA.

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