online wedding photography mentorship program

Dramatic Visuals Online is an online wedding photography mentorship program built for wedding photographers looking to see the world in a new light and push their craft to the next level.  Sean will take you on an honest and open behind the scenes tour of how to work with all forms of light, both on and off camera. Furthermore, Sean will uncover how to breathe life into your RAW images with an in-depth start to finish walkthrough of our entire post production workflow utilizing the powerful engines of Lightroom and Photoshop. Ultimately, this online program will prepare you with the essential tools to push yourself to create better art and images for your clients.

Topics include:

  • What equipment is in the kit bag?
  • The elements of a great photo
  • Epic light, epic compositions, epic techniques and other theory stuff
  • The art of capturing “the moment”
  • Wedding day walkthrough
  • How to approach fresh situations and create compelling images
  • Off-camera flash made as simple of possible
  • Post production workflow start to finish uncovered
  • How to breathe life into your images
  • Live editing demo in Lightroom and Photoshop


Program conducted over Skype


“Some time ago, I discovered Sean LeBlanc’s epic images on Instagram. I was totally blown away by his awesome dramatic portraits, shot in beautiful light, edited with deep and vibrant colors. That’s why I signed up for his online wedding photography mentorship program. The first session Sean thought me where to place my couple and how to light them with both natural light and off-camera flash. He also took an honest look at a wedding I’ve shot and where’s room for improvement. The second session he showed me step-by-step how he would edit my images. The results were amazing. Thanks again Sean for showing me how to make mind blowing images! :) Chris”.

Chris Leunen – Wedding Photographer based in Belgium

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